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{ "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What does a pediatric dentist do?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Pediatric dentists provide dental care to children and patients with special needs. While we offer many of the same services provided by family or general dentists, we use specialized equipment and tend to have a little more understanding and patience with young patients. Although many pediatric dental procedures are the same as those provided to adults, there are some that are unique to children, like baby root canals, early orthodontic treatment, and crowns for primary teeth." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Pediatric dentistry is one of a handful of dental specialties; like other dental specialists, pediatric dentists go on to receive two to three years of additional education and training beyond dental school. This training helps prepare us for the unique dental needs (and temperaments!) of children." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Should my child see a pediatric dentist?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "We might be a bit biased, but yes, we believe that children should see pediatric dentists for their dental care the same way most children see pediatricians for their healthcare. Specialists simply have more knowledge, more training, and more experience, which leads to better treatment outcomes. In addition to this, a pediatric dental practice is built with children in mind. Visiting our office is fun for kids and our staff knows how to make each of our patients feel special and welcomed when they walk through our doors." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "When should kids start seeing a dentist?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "We agree with the guidelines of the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that recommend children start seeing a dentist around the age of 1 year or within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth, whichever comes first. During these early visits, we provide instruction to help you understand how to care for your child’s oral health. We also make sure your child’s teeth are erupting as they should and get to know your child so they’re comfortable coming to our office." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How often do kids need to go to the dentist?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "No matter what your age, you should see the dentist every six months—and yes, that includes even our youngest patients. Routine dental exams and cleanings are one of the most important tools we have to make sure kids have strong teeth and healthy gums." } }] }